BBC og Asien: Dovne erhvervsnyheder

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200px-BBC.svg.png I denne uges nyhedsbrev fra Matthew Crabbe fra Access Asia langer han ud efter BBC og deres dækning af erhvervsstoffet i Asien:

… BBC World cannot do business news in Asia – they’re Asia Business Report is pathetic, pointless, often inaccurate and a complete waste of time. Now don’t get us wrong, the BBC is great at many things – general news, sports, comedy, costume dramas, minor celebrities ballroom dancing etc – but in Asia their business news output is frankly lousy.

Frequently we find ourselves sitting in Shanghai watching some over-the-mobile muppet in a studio in Singapore gesticulating wildly (yes, that’s Rico Hizon, for it is he) about some ‘boom, boom, go, go’ event in China, and then dragging in some poor person to comment, who’s only qualification is that they are stuck in Singapore and have half an hour to spare with nothing better to do. The questions are lame, the responses are often even lamer and the whole thing is a dud. How does the BBC expect to cover business in China from a studio in Singapore with a little not-that-bright bloke who sits on a pile of telephone directories (honestly, he does) and waves his arms about? Of course, they’re equally hopeless on Vietnam and South Korea, while they’re so far removed from India they don’t even bother much.


Hurtige klik fra Kina af Kim Rathcke Jensen. Jeg er journalist og BA i kinesisk. Jeg bor i Beijing, hvor jeg arbejder som Politikens korrespondent i Kina og Asien.

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