Vulgær og grov: Global Times har succes

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God læsning om Global Times og dens succes og voksende indflydelse.

Many friends have made ample revelations on the Global Times’ publishing policies, editorial standpoints, and writing style, but it is impossible to rely only on these to defeat it. In the domain of China’s current public opinion, the organizations that have principles have been gradually cleared out, and they do not have the ability to contend against the Global Times. At the same time, the political environment has now become extremely crude and ugly. Where jackals and wolfs thrive, no pure voices are to be heard.

Furthermore, the Global Times’ vulgar articles and rude opinions go hand in hand with certain characteristics of the kind of education Chinese nationals have received. It is but the manifestation of the thinking pattern propagated by the Party for dozens of years and a fact not to be disputed. Other minds and thinking have been removed as soon as they emerged, and, having done so for decades, what we have is the invincible Global Times.

Måske burde man bare helt boykotte den, foreslår Eric Fish:


Hurtige klik fra Kina af Kim Rathcke Jensen. Jeg er journalist og BA i kinesisk. Jeg bor i Beijing, hvor jeg arbejder som Politikens korrespondent i Kina og Asien.

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