Xi goes UK: “Visionært” at droppe kritik af Kina

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Det er virkelig interessant at følge debatten i Storbrittannien lige nu, hvor præsident Xi JInping begynder sit officielle besøg i dag.

Reuters har et email interview med Xi Jinping, hvor generalsekretæren selv mener, at Storbrittannien har en visionær politik over for Kina

“The UK has stated that it will be the Western country that is most open to China. This is a visionary and strategic choice that fully meets Britain’s own long-term interest,” Xi said in a written response to questions from Reuters.

China looks forward to engaging with the UK in a wider range, at a higher level and in greater depth.

Men for kritikerne er det ikke specielt visionært, når Storbritanniens politik først og fremmest handler om penge og virksomheders kontrakter, og at de britiske politikere derfor helt undgår at tale om værdier og politisk følsomme emner som menneskerettigheder.

Guardian interviewer blandt andre Fraser Howie, som du kan læse i denne artikel:

Xi praised Britain’s decision to prioritise trade and investment over awkward things like Tibet and human rights as a “visionary and strategic choice”. But Fraser Howie, the co-author of Red Capitalism: The Fragile Financial Foundation of China’s Extraordinary Rise, accused Downing Street of turning its back on Hong Kong’s struggle for democracy and ignoring an unprecedented crackdown on dissent that is under way in China.

“It is so obsequious, it is just nauseating,” said Howie. “Clearly, China under Xi Jinping has become highly repressive towards those who do not agree with the rules … [but] we haven’t heard anything of substance from the UK government about what is happening. [Beijing] must be loving how America’s best ally is fawning and falling over itself to curry favour with China.”

Independent uddyber det også i denne leder, som er kritisk overfor David Camerons kurs:

Awkward questions about Tibet, Hong Kong and human rights in China proper, it seems safe to predict, will not be allowed to spoil three days of toasts, carriage rides and banqueting. Treats include a stay-over for the President and his wife in the “Belgian suite” of Buckingham Palace, a state dinner hosted by the Queen, a dinner with the Prime Minister at Chequers, an address to Parliament, and meetings with selected scientists and stars.

Britain’s critics may say it has always been selective in its criticisms and only ever targeted the rights records of countries of no economic or strategic importance. The way our leaders are courting China is in danger of turning what was a suspicion into an undeniable fact.

Financial Times kalder også Camerons politik for kortsigtet, som Gideon Rachman skriver:

The British government may feel that it can concentrate on developing commercial relationships with China, while ignoring security issues in the Pacific — a far-off ocean, in which Britain has no naval presence. However, that strategy is likely to become increasingly problematic — as the US increasingly focuses its foreign-policy on dealing with a rising China.

Telegraph har interview med leder fra Standard Chartered, som mener, at USAs mere kritiske politik ikke giver mening for Storbritannien, som der står i artiklen:

American politicians have displayed a “churlish” attitude towards Beijing, while George Osborne has been more successful, Standard Chartered said ahead of premier Xi Jinping’s visit to the UK this week.

George Osborne has showed an admirable passion for China and has worked hard to arrange more deals with the world’s second-largest economy, while the bank argues the US’ approach is less productive.

“[The US] decided not to participate in the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank which I think was a bit churlish of them,” said Standard Chartered’s European chief executive Richard Holmes.

think the US is struggling with the notion that China is going to overtake them in many ways, so they have got a bit of an identity crisis.”

Guardian har fået Ma Jian, der er en berømt aktivist, der var med på Tiananmen i 1989, til at skrive en kronik om, hvordan besøget vil blive dækket af de kinesiske medier:

Images of Xi’s regal welcome will be plastered over Chinese state media. China’s public will be encouraged to swoon over the silver-gilt candelabra adorning the royal banquet table, the flower arrangements inspected personally by the Queen, the priceless gold vessels displayed as a sign of respect for the guest of honour’s exalted rank.

The message from the Chinese tyrants to their subjects will be clear: if the queen of the UK, the oldest democracy in the world, lavishes your president with such respect and approbation, then what right have you to criticise him?

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